Employee Benefits

Fringe Benefit

We offer diverse employ benefits, making our workplace more pleasant and flexible.

Paid Time Off & Cash Gifts for Family Events
  • Provide paid time off, cash gifts and flower wreaths on family occasions
Reward System
  • Citation for long-service workers
  • Rewards for exemplary workers
  • Rewards for sites with outstanding
    management/performance/safety/accident-free hours/profit generation
Comprehensive Medical Examination
  • Comprehensive medical checkup by specialized healthcare
    institution once yearly
  • Company cafeterias in operation to promote a healthy and comfortable workplace environment
Group Accident Insurance
  • Provide coverage for death, disaster,
    the diagnosis/treatment of cancer & critical illnesses and hospitalization,
    to offer financial support in the event that an employee or their spouse suffers from an unexpected illness or accident
Work Uniform
  • Work uniforms provided for on-site workers
Corporate gifts presented on the company foundation day