Training Program

Our Vision & Mission of Fostering Talent

Fostering Talent

Fostering New Graduate Recruits
  • Introductory Training: cultivate the Taeyoung Spirit and a sense of belonging, a new employee vibe and teamwork
  • Professional Training: acquire basic knowledge related to each business division
  • Mentoring & On-the-Job Training: receive one-on-one instruction in business processes
Career Development & Fostering Core Talent
  • Leadership Training by Position Level: cultivate candidates for new leadership
  • Professional Training: cultivate core specialists for each field
  • Organization Revitalization Program: share corporate vision and create a sense of unity
  • Academic Credit System: earn credits through online & offline education and training
  • In-house Instructor Education: train specialists from each field to be in-house instructors
Fostering of Global Talent
  • Overseas Construction Practical Training: operate as an off-the-job training program through the invitation of specialist instructors
  • Language Proficiency Training: run online & offline programs to improve employees’ foreign language proficiency
  • Overseas Talent Pool: manage and foster talent that can be immediately utilized at overseas construction sites