An Industry Leader That Delivers Outstanding Future Client Value

TAEYOUNG E&C seeks to create outstanding future client value in all aspects of living. By focusing on the four major business areas of construction, leisure, logistics & trade and broadcasting, we persist in creating spatial value, leisure value, cultural value and product value.

As a pioneer, TAEYOUNG E&C creates future client value through products and services that can maximize the value of comfortable and convenient living and of residential spaces.

A Company with Superb Construction Capabilities

With the expansion of corporate value as its core management philosophy, TAEYOUNG E&C aims to become a company characterized by superlative corporate value by narrowing its focus and concentrating on its strengths.

By maximizing corporate value, we strive to maximize the future wealth of all stakeholders, including our investors, partner companies and employees, not to mention our shareholders.

Until we become the very best,
we will abide by our management principles and
develop our corporate value.

Balance between Growth and Stability

  • We seek stable growth rather than externally-driven growth..
  • Through economies of scale, we strive to save costs and achieve substantial growth while maximizing corporate value by focusing on stable fundamentals.
  • By pursuing client value and inherent corporate value, both the foundations of corporate survival, we remove uncertainties facing our investors, partner companies and employees as well as our shareholders while increasing added value.

Adherence to Honesty and Principles

  • We strive to be a company that maintains its honesty and lives by its principles.
  • We focus on fundamentals and abide by our principles to achieve ethical management, practice integrity and honesty for transparent management, and try our utmost to ensure eco-friendly future-driven management.
  • We believe that only an ethical company can continue to grow
  • We also believe that it is our corporate social responsibility to be transparent about our management status.
  • We practice future-oriented thinking by pursuing sustainable, eco-friendly construction for the future.
  • We do our sincere best in everything we do. Even when tackling the smallest challenges, we give our all. Such dedication is what has made TAEYOUNG E&C a successful company.
  • People are beautiful when they care for each other. What really moves people is sincere care and commitment. That’s the spirit of TAEYOUNG E&C.
  • Developing the best possible products and services requires the devotion of each employee in their respective positions and their endless efforts to achieve common goals. This is the passion of TAEYOUNG E&C.
  • What drives a company to success is the harmony and unity of its members.
  • The trust of our clients is the reason behind our survival. We believe that the trust of our clients comes from our respect for them. This is TAEYOUNG E&C’s spirit of trust and respect for our clients.
  • We put people first, giving consideration and respect to all stakeholders, that is, our shareholders, investors, partners, employees, and more broadly, the nation and society. This is our spirit of trust and respect for our stakeholders.
  • We strive to maintain a productive employer–employee relationship through mutual respect. This is our spirit of trust and respect for our employees.
  • Original thinking and progressive actions are what empower us to transform dreams into reality.
  • We have the volition to pioneer the future without fearing obstacles. This is our spirit of meeting life’s challenges.
  • We believe maintaining the status quo is a regression and pursue relentless change and innovation. This is our creative spirit.