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Mecca of the stock exchange business, the Depository is an
icon structure for information age. Completed in 1997, the
Depository building boasts most aesthetical outlook in Ilsan district.
Built using the GPC Lamenzo method, Ilsan Hospital is a
National Health Insurance Corporation’s most devoted
project. Completed in 1999, it is both aesthetical and well
designed. It won the Architecture Grand Prize in 1999.
Built with TPC Lamenzo method, the Center is a work of art.
Taeyoung was awareded “President Prize” at National
Health day in 1999.

Ergonomically designed and environmentally friendly, it
took three years to build the city hall, which is dearly loved
by local citizen.

Seongnam Arts Center is the Taeyoung E&C’s masterpiece. It is a top-level arts center having Opera House, Concert Hall, Ensemble Theater and other facilities and its capacity is up to 3,200 people. With its great architectural acoustic system, the world’s masters have praised it very highly. Especially, Taeyoung E&C had successfully introduced the ceiling-opening variable acoustic system to the Opera House and the variable stage to the Concert Hall for the first time in korea