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and KOSHA 2000 Program from Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency.
clearly, Taeyoung has been certified for its quality, environment, and safety system
in all of its business areas by notable international and national certifying bodies.
these certifications assist it to overcome inefficiencies and maximize synergy.
we will exert our efforts to stabilize and substantiate the system to excel continuously
in the construction industry
Taeyoung does its best to be a superior class company in the 21st century
by providing the best quality and service through its continuous development and
continuous improvement of quality to meet the needs of customers.
construction based on thorough self-examination and principles.
provides quick after-sale service to create the confidence of customers.
Taeyoung leads in environmental management in design, execution, operation,
and maintenance of environmental fundamental facilities and strives to realize
the best quality of human life in the 21st century.
secures legal stability by conforming to international and national environmental regulations.
minimizes the discharge of air or water-pollutants, noise, vibration, and wastes.
preserves natural resources and energy.
creates pleasant environment in the place of business.
Taeyoung maintains activities to improve safety and health
and, at the same time, to promote human respect.
secures legal stability by conforming to regulations related with safety.
prevents accident by advancing safety and health of workers.
seeks to prevent accidents and disasters by its policy of "safety first".
eliminates the causes of industrial disasters by securing the work place.